I noticed an unauthorized $9.99 charge on my T-Mobile bill for Flycell. I looked at past bills and noticed that I was charged $9.99 for the last 5 months.

I looked in my Blackberry email history, saw Flycell text that said I had won 20 credits, text "stop" to a certain number, $9.99/mo. I called T-Mobile who said I was charged cause I did NOT text "stop". I said it's like a pop-up on the computer. I don't respond to those either and this is a scam.

The rep said evidently I did authorize it and I would have to prove otherwise. I said I have an agreement with T-Mobile, not Firecell, and T-Mobile should prove to me that I DID authorize it. We went round and round. She said she could mark it as disputed but I still had to pay it and that I should call Firecell.

I said I did and they won't take calls from landlines AND you can't talk to a human...you can only call from the cell phone in question. I asked to talk to her supervisor. She then came back on the line and said as a courtesy they would give me a credit for 3 months and block Flycell on my phone. I said I wanted 5 months.

She said she couldn't do that and I asked again to talk to her supervisor. The supervisor said it's MY fault for NOT responding to the text! It's a classic case of blaming the victim. I asked him if I thought it wa okay to send a text to someone saying that if you don't respond, I am going to charge you money.

He said yes. I said I would cancel T-Mobile when my contract is up and that they would be losing our busines on multiple lines for $19.98. He said that was my decision and that I should look at my bills more closely. If I had called with the 90 days of the first charge, I would have gotten a credit for the whole amount.

If this happens to you, stay on the phone for a long time and complain. They only gave me the 3 months after I went round and round with them for a long time.


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NEVER fall pray to CONTRACTS or CREDIT for such things...do pre-pay and be free never to experience this nightmare. I could have the contracts however cash is king, so my phones are purchased outright.

You can even add phone insurance to your prepay plan... #jusmy2cents


You said it yourself, stop being a victim and pay attention to were your money goes. If you really cared enough about your money you would be monotiring your bills, like any person should do.

I don't understand how people play the guessing game when it comes to their bills, then they get mad for getting high bills. Pay attention, read your bills.

If you cared enough for were your money goes you would know how much you pay each month. Get over it and take action for what your supposed to be responsible for, your own *** self.


Word. The Flycell scam is alive and well.

I have four cell phones for my family. Two of the lines are with my teenage daughters. Consequently, I moniter their cell phone activity very carefully and immediately caught the Flycell charge.

The Flycell offer must have come as as an unsolicited text to my 16 year old because it is time and date stamped at 10:42 am on April 5. April 5, 2010 was a Monday and she was in Algebra class at that time. My imagination says the text read along the lines of "Do you want free ringtones and wallpapers for your t-Mobile phone? Yes or No?" When she answered is "Yes", then she automatically subscripted to Flycell at $9.99 per month. The $9.99 per month is not indicated in the text message.

In complaining to t-Mobile, their agent (Shira) on the telephone agreed to credit back the $9.99 charge to me. I asked that Flycell and other third party scams be blocked from my phones. Shira agreed to block ALL premium services. At that time I noted that services offered by t-Mobile are acceptable to me.

Shira said, "I cannot block only third party vendors. I have to block everything." So, now I only have voice and text on my phones. Soon, I will have a new service provider who is 21st century enabled to block scammers from access to their service, but leave legitimate company sponsored options available.

It appears the t-Mobile "take" from agreeing to bill for Flycell is worth more to the corporate bottom line than the ill-will generated by aiding and betting a scam that approaches criminal.

The full awarenes by t-Mobile of the nature of the scam is evidenced my their instanteous willingness to credit the $9.99 charge back to me.

Finally, as a side note: My daughters are minors. They are not eligible to enter into a contract with Flycell for services billed to account paid by another, specifically, their father, me.

My contract is with t-Mobile. I approve any and all changes to that contract. When the conditions of the contract do not meet my needs or expectations, there are other providers in the marketplace who will.



Flycell is actually a third party provider and not affiliated or owned by T-Mobile. There's a lot of those, actually, and they can be signed up for using a phone or a computer, and there's usually a sort of call-and-response process (meaning in response to a text or computer signup, a text is sent to the phone in question prompting a 'text YES to continue' kind of response to actually complete the signup).

Now, the short-code companies that don't use that kind of signup _really_ suck, as when you're signed up the charges simply start.

Often there's an 800 number actually listed on your T-Mobile bill for the third party company. If not, you can generally Google the short code and it'll take you right to them. Take the complaint to the company making the charges!

I hope this helps...


i agree with the previous post 100% :-)

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #39671

T-mobile is not a scam, and has no part in a scam. Flycell does have a way of getting people rapped up- I've seen it time and time again.

The site tells you you can get free ringtones downloads etc, and in the fine print talks abtou a monthly 9.99 subscription. Anytime you notice that on your bill labled as "premium services" contact your service provider immediately. They can and will credit the charge and blacklist it for you to prevent any further charging. I actually work for T-mobile myself.

The problem in this situation is that you get a monthly bill. In our system we can only credit charges up to three months back. They did not pick 3 out of a hat and just go with it.

If you would have been checking your bill as you shoudl when you receive it, it could have been easily preventable, and adjustable. Sorry for the bad experience!

Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia #33791

Oops...I meant Flycell throughout my complaint. I don't know why I started calling them Firecell. Probably because I am burning mad!!

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