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We were customers of T-mobil for oever 5 years. When we found a erroneus $ 120.00 extra charge for unlimited internet service.

When we asked for them to correct it despite the fact only one phone had unlimited internet and no usage on the others, they refused to issue a credit. We asked them to eliminate the charges or we would move service, they did not care. We moved to another carrier. then they tacked on over $ 200 re-stocking fees for replacement of equipment from previous month, plus a penalty fees despite the service would expire within two months.

they also tacke on collection fees. So a $ 600 bill turned out to become $ 1,458.00 we are looking for others in order to file a CLASS ACTION suit against T-mobile.

please contact with details of similar events, we need atleast 29 more persons that have experinced such abuse.

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Currently have. FCC complaint on t mobile.

Suggest anyone having problems contact FCC complaint. And see that it is done


I'm new to the cell phone stuff, and was referred to tmobile by a friend.(no longer a friend!!!) at first they were very nice, but it seems that they are unable to give correct information. They keep switching me to a different 'department' and i have to explain everything over and over.i am on a fixed income and wanted to know the EXACT amount of my monthly bill.

I was given 4 different amounts, each month when i get my bill it is higher than i was told. i DO NOT go over my 500 minutes, they acknowledge that, but it seems there always is some 'fee' or 'tax' that was omitted from the previous bill.i then get a higher 'monthly' bill amount. i've only been with tmobile for 4 months and have a 2 yr contract, each call to them takes at least 2 hours to get info. i pay my bill well before it is due, but am fed up will the way they keep finding all those 'extra taxes' to add.

they claim that they are unable to give current information because the billing is behind. odd, why does my paper bill show charges that don't appear on their screens? i have managed to get some of those extra charges removed, but still can't get an accurate amount of bill.

wonder what will happen once my contract is over, or if i buy out that contract before 2 years? does anyone know?






I was lied to about the pay per minute overage charges that I would incur while in Mexico. I had terrible customer service with a guy that just kept clowning around and he lied to me about the price.

When I got back from my trip, I received a message that stated I could have had 0.5-0.25 cent charge per minute through Mas Mexico!

Why do they lie to their customers for profit. Now I have a $ 270 bill that I won't be able to pay due to their poor service and deceits.

My email is


T-mobile has the worst plans available!!! I had been with the company for over 10 years and had a few problems, but those were solved.

But early this year in February, I received an ebill for over $2000!!!!! I called immediately and asked why such a high bill. I was told that my daughter's phone was using wifi actually roaming wifi?! Huh!!!

Everytime she entered the high school she attended or any other building that had wifi, her phone just automatically pick up the signal!??(she thought that she had disengaged the wifi) I asked why didn't someone at T-mobile text or call me about this matter?! ***, the company calls, texts and emails about everything else?! After talking with customer service and hashing it out. I was given a disrespectful amount of $150 off the bill and an offer to extend my contract for another 2 years for a rollover and spreading out of original $2000 plus payment that was due.

I said no and haven't replied to their notices or collections agencies calling asking for the over $3000 that I now owe! What happened to the over 10 years of payments and loyality I gave them??! Cause there's was NO loyality shown to me when my daughter's phone started wifi roaming!? No calls, no nothing!

So screw them! No wonder consumers are running from them in marathon portions!!!!


T-MObile are thieves, my bill went from $200 into $2500. I did nothing wrong at all.

It's their computer error, but they won't fix it because it went to collections already. The independent collections agency was willing to help me, but the internal collection department from tmobile wouldn't help at all.



Hey me if you are in Atlanta, you can always drop by and visit their 1 Ravinia dr location, lots of VIPs here


Tmobile is criminal. I am now fighting collection agency #3.

When my wife left me, I was stuck with her freshly renewed contract. I paid this for almost a year when her contract was up I was mad at TMOBILe and asked what it would take to buy my own a month early. We agreed on $50.00. which I paid.

2 months later I recieved a bil fro 124 for a ast month. I said no I had already left and paid my eary term fee. next I had just declared Bankruptcy so 124 being written off did not bother me.

now 3 years later when I am trying to rebuild they have sold thhis account to a 3rd agency and are now looking for $300.00. Screw them, they really want this fight I will give it


I'm interested in joining in on the Class Action Suit if you are serious!! We have nothing but trouble with them and are in the process of changing carriers.

They re-start a contract everytime you change your plan which is very frustrating not to mention all of the other problems that we continue to have with them including the continuous lies they tell us. I don't recommend using this company at all!!!


I have been a tmobile customer for several years and one day I decided to get new phones from the store. I purchased two knew phones and left my husband to pay the bill.

two days later I realized they changed my phone number and closed my account and had reopened another account just in my husbands name with out our knowledge. When I contacted Tmobile I spent over 6 hrs with them on the phone disputing this issue. Finally they told me they would take care of the issue and just add me to the new account. 3 months later I get a bill in the mail saying I owe them 75.00 for my previous account.

i called and disputed the money and was told it would be taken care of. 2 years later I get a letter from a collection agency telling me I owe Tmobile $ 75.00 I just spent 4 hrs on the phone with them for them to say its a valid charge and that it wasnt an issue on their behalf since i chose to close my account!!!!!

I will never be a tmobile customer again once my contract is up.


i been with t mobil from 2004 i use to have 1000 minuts for two years two yrs ago i sine for family an unlimeted minuts and i don my contract on 11/18/11 last manth when i stap to sign it they did by them selve.when i got simpl mobil they seen what i sign fore and they told me to stay we e er sig it but they told us to pay desconnect the service what i do not have the servise pls im going to cort for this im the vectom if som body is abused by t mobil lets get up to gether send me e nail workn 001@


I've been with T-Mobile since they were VoiceStream, probably about a dozen years or so. I have to call these bastards every single month to challenge all sorts of charges they slip onto my bill.

Last Christmas, I bought my daughter a Samsung Gravity-T, which T-Mobile marketed knowing full well it was a piece of sh*t. They warranteed the first one with a reconditioned one, and the reconditioned one crapped out a few months later. Of course, the phone was no longer available, and I had to purchase a new phone for her.

I DESPISE them. Unfortunately, the carriers in this area are even worse than them.



I hate theses guys. I am in may last month of my 2 years plan, and they charged me $330 basically for nothing. I cannot even open my bill to see where I did wrong. They've charged me without explaining the bill.

Hate them!!!! Looking forward to change my mobile career to a cheaper and prepaid company.

Miss me and my wallet T-mobile!!!!!!!!


They make a shoddy product and have no service whatsoever to the area I'm moving to. I called not even to cancel but to find out if they have any way to cover PA where I am moving to they said no and I have to pay for an early termination fee since they can't afford to do what sprint and at&t and already do.

My phone also says emergency calls only half the time and when I asked about it they said I probably have to uprgade my phone. Never get T-mobile they force you into a two year contract and give you a phone that doesn't even last the first year and then make you pay for a brand new one. The termination fee is a better investment.

It's a terrible company with horrible customer service. I wish i hadn't bothered being a loyal customer for the last 5 years,


i went with tmobile and got their everything plan..and long to my beholded mind they did not cover texting. my first bill through them was out of this world!

457.89! for the first month because we were charged additional for every single text. so when i called to cancel my phone and i was even nice enough to pay to have cancelled. i paid the 200 fee.

and 2 months later i get a bill for 800 from tmobile. now ii have collection agencies calling me saying i owe over 1200 from tmobile because i never paid my bill. and never paid the fee to have my phone shut off(which i did pay) they are a joke! and they are ruining.

the man i talked to on the phone said its going to ruin my credit having this bill, and i told him i would make the payments to not hurt it. and he asked me how i would like to pay the 1200 to them...i told them i did not have that kind of money sitting around. i am a manager at mcdonalds, and 11.75 does not cover that all at once. so now since i am making payments, it has ruined my credit.

i would not suggest anyone to go through t-mobile ever!! go to sprint or verizon! both i would highly recomend.

i have been with sprint for little over a year now and they are great! cutting you extensions and even crediting your bill for being a loyal customer!


i was with t-mobile for 8 years.had no contract with thim. my phone was going i need a new phone.

was going to sign up again.not after t-mobile told me i would have to pay $500 for a new phone.they never had to worry about me paying. never was late nor missed a payment.if there is anyone with t-mobile. they need to mover over to children had me to mover over.

bill have less with verizon.don't miss t-mobile. :grin




been with t-mobile about 20 years this year and love them. they always take care of me when I call and have deleted charges that I actually incurred being *** on fb. I am no longer under contract but continue to use them and will continue over and above the others.


Been a T-mobile customer for almost 2 yrs. Can't use our phones in our basement and have to sit in certain spots when upstairs to get service.

We live in the city so there should be no reason why we are not getting service. I have called and let them know MANY times about this problem. They STILL have done NOTHING to fix it. I'm glad we pay over 100.00 a mnth for crappy service UGH!

Can't wait til our contract ends!!!

We will NEVER be using T-mobile again. :(

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