T-Mobile has tried to rip me off twice. First time with their "Free Flight" program. Luckily I kept all my documentation, but when I called and tried to fax it to them, they refused to look at my documentation.

It took 4 months and a complaint to the BBB to get my ticket.

Second, they removed money from my bank account by mistake, which caused my account to be overdrawn. It took 4 hours on the phone, speaking with 8 different people, then a complaint to the BBB, the FCA, and the Attorney General to get the money back they had wrongly taken from my account, and they only paid back the money they had taken wrongly, not covering my bounced checks. My case is still pending with the Attorney General.

I encourage anyone with a complaint to contact the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission.

Again, they refused to look at my documentation and only.

Their customer service was nothing but rude to me.

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:grin If you customer were not so down right rude and trying to take one over you might not be treated this way. Furthermore where do customers get off that is okay to scream and cuss the person out on the phone. Where do people get off that this behavior is fine would you want to be treated taht way


They're rude to you because you're an ***.

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