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Long story short, Yes, this past year I have had high bills and really have had to utilize payment plans.

Recently, I called to make payment arrangements to avoid suspension. On 12/2008 I set up an arrangement for account withdrawal, it did not happen. I called Tmobile and inquired. Rep told me it was not going to happen, I needed to make a payment using my VISA. Angry and upset not understainding why they told me one thing and did another, I eventually made a VISA payment on January 3. Rep on 1/3/08 informed me after making the payment to call back on the 10th to make another arrangemnt for the remaining balance. On the 10th I did just that. The representative once again took my account information and with no problem processed the payment of $10.00. The next day I received a T-Mobile TEXT. I called back to find out that this payment was not going to be withdrawn either and that same day my phone was suspended. I have suffered mentally and physically because this is what i depend on. I have been treated differently for some strange reason. I do plan to go further with this claim. I am a single parent with no one else.

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keep in mind that tmo offers payment arrangements as a COURTESY and NOT a requirement!! u wanna continue with a claim on a bill U couldnt pay on time, tmo sure did give u UR service on time.

come on now people!!

get real. :cry

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #39667

T-Mobile financial care is actually really awesome. They do whatever they can to help prevent accounts from being suspended/cancelled.

If you received a text message from T-Mobile it would have been to inform you that your payment had backed out- or other wise returned unpaid because the card was denied.

This could have resulted because of insufficient funds, wrong card number etc. Point is, Tmobile will not text you to say they are not taking the payment for you, they text you as a courtesy to let you know for one reason or another your card was declined and to ask you to make a payment asap to prevent suspension.

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No good!

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