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I was a Verizon customer, and on this date 04/01/2016 I decided to return back to T-Mobile. I visited the T-Mobile location 4/1/2016 on Old Denton and was told agreed to sign up for T-Mobile services.

I was told by the sales associate that we could keep our numbers, they needed access to my Verizon account to cancel it, I gave them my new Verizon Galaxy Note 5, and an I phone. I was told they would give the cell phones to the manager and also my Verizon bill would be paid this includes paying the service and the two cell phones, (469) 288-1115 and (469) 288-3539. When I received my Verizon invoice I noticed it was not paid. I told Verizon T Mobile is going to pay since that was the agreement to switch over to T-Mobile.

In late September I finally called T Mobile to find out the status why it was not paid. I was told to log on to a website and send my last Verizon Invoice and I would get a Visa Card with amount to pay Verizon. I went this website and was not able to upload the invoice. I called T-Mobile customer service and was told, that I could fax the Verizon invoice and it would be quicker.

I faxed the Verizon Invoice and was told it would take a couple of days to process. Now it November and I called again, and I was told it was not received, I need to fax a again. December checking on the status again, I was told the faxes were never received, even though each time I fax I keep the confirmation of the fax. I was told to email the invoice.

So I email the invoice, and the email address will not accept the pdf, since the pdf file is to large. Now we are in January 2017, I try to use the Website again, and this time the website reads I am not eligible since I only had two months from the time services started. This is the first time I hear of this. So I call T-Mobile and tell customer service about my experience.

Customer Service confirms what I heard, and said to go ahead am send an email about the experience, and they might go ahead and honor it. She then said the you might have to go back to the store where you set up service. So I have gone to the store two time now. Each time I leave my number with the associate and told Sheena would call me.

As of today, no one has reached out to me. Verizon wants me to pay 1100 dollars, this is now on my credit. I just want to resolve this.

I feel like a big sucker going back to T-Mobile. Esmeralda Lopez

Product or Service Mentioned: Tmobile Rebate.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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