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I honestly love T-mobile itself. I’ve had my line with my two sister in laws for almost 12 years now.

Have had issues here and there over the years, but always was solved instantly with a phone call. Been threw all the changes T-mobiles made with the whole leasing phones, jump program ect. Many times phones got shut off since myself and two sister in laws are all adults and we each pay the bill 3 ways. We each put $75 on it monthly which sometimes one of us forget about the due date.

T-mobile reps have always been amazing and turn phones right back on once I gave payment over phone or now I use the app. If you don’t currently have money in bank account to pay and turn phones on you can post date for payment to come out a week or two from then which they’ll still turn Service back on. The fees for Service shut off can be a bit much with them charging $20 for each line off the bat and a few other fees they add in, but I’ve always called them or did online chat explaining one of us forgot to pay on due date and whoever forgot didn’t remember till phone was shut off. And they’ve always removed the late fees that usually amount to over $100 with our three lines and what not since a payment was already made to restore service and we’ve been a customer for so long.

Plus it isn’t like we have our service shut off each month because we didn’t pay. This happens maybe 2 times if that out of the year. Now the local stores to me are the problem. Especially one particular one.

They’ve added things to my bill without my permission and I didn’t notice till next months bill came out, they one time I’m assuming pocketed money I brought in to pay a bill and another where I went in to see when I was eligible to upgrade my current phone wit Jump program, told me I had only one week to go and about 10 minutes after I left store I received a message from t-mobile stating thanks for your service and your number change has been completed and your new number is currently ***_***_****. I was livid because I never once requested my number to be changed and got no clue what possessed the employee in T-Mobile store to just go ahead and say I went in there for a number change. Service reps were amazing and had my number switched back to the one I’ve always had with in 24 hours, applied a credit of $120 to my account with $20 for the number change fee they would charge for people really wanting and $100 for the trouble of dealing with it when it’s not what I even remotely requested in store. Then recently I went to same store and had $150 in cash to pay my husband’s phone bill that he shares with his dad.

Gave them the number and what not, the $150 cash. Then employee tried telling me I couldn’t get a receipt since I wasn’t listed on the account. That never once was ever said to me since the receipt doesn't have any sensitive information. There’s just the account holders name which I had to know to confirm to them, the phone number I told them to apply the money too and the amount I paid with the date and time.

So no there’s no reason they can’t give me a receipt because I’m not the account holder. The guy got upset and didn’t argue the point. Then he claimed the printer was out of ink and it wouldn’t print. He said that they had a printer outback he could send the receipt to be printed from, but I’d have to wait almost 20 minutes for it to print and me to get it.

He was shocked when I told him “sure! No problem I’ll wait!” Yup he wasn’t to excited of happy. After I was lingering in the store for like 15 minutes another employee came to me asking if I was all set. I told him I was waiting for my receipt showing my payment to be printed up at the printer outback.

He looked at me confused and asked the original guy why he haven’t printed it at the regular one upfront. Then other employee said something to the extent it wasn’t showing on his computer or giving him the option to send print because it was saying no ink was in it. Even though this other employee told him he’s printed almost 13 papers in last 20 minutes with zero issues. He ran outback to see if it had printed yet which it didn’t.

So he looked over the other employees Computer I went to and he had no issues pulling up the option to send things to their main printer that was claimed. Then after being there for a half hour all of a sudden it turned into the receipt never sent to the back printer and they weren’t able to pull it back up to try to reprint especially where I wasn’t an account holder and he wasn’t supposed to print and give me it to begin with. I was so aggravated at this point I said screw it and he told me a confirmation text should be sent to the main account holders cellphone showing a payment had been made and the amount that was given. Yup nope my husband told me the next day he never got a message so I went back into the store.

The person I dealt with wasn’t working so I asked a different employee if he could pull up my husband’s account and print me a receipt for the payment I made previously yesterday. He pulled up account and told me he couldn’t print one since he didn’t see anything on a payment being made and it could be possible their systems were just messing up and they tend to have glitch issues once and awhile. I ended up forgetting the ordeal until a week later when my husband calls me in a panic telling me he had to pay $150 over the phone to turn back on (since his job he works requires him to have his phone on and if not then he can’t work and would be sent home) not happpyyyy! Service rep was great though!

She was seeing there was “activity” on the account on the date I said I went in. But there wasn’t a payment processed or any reason of why there was activity or why the employees went into the account. Told her about the ordeal on after I paid the $150 the employee claimed he couldn’t print me out a receipt because I wasn’t listed on the account which she told me is far from true and anybody even a stranger could walk in to T-Mobile and if they knew the main number and name on account they could pay anything and be given a receipt for payment they made. You just can’t go in there and buy things and add stuff or change things on accounts if not listed on there.

Service rep gave back the $150 paid over phone previously and also put a credit of $100 towards next bill and told us to hang tight while they investigated what the heck went down. About 3 days later it came out that the employee I gave the $150 cash to was fired for stealing. So he pocketed the $150 I gave in cash instead of applying to my account then lied and avoided giving me a receipt since there wasn’t one where he didn’t apply money to the account. If he did his drawer would have shown short $150, but where he went into my account then closed out without applying the payment then the $150 wasn’t accounted for to be in the drawer.

I always pay by app for months now and after all that showed my husband how to set his up so he can also pay by app so we can avoid going to stores. 8 out of 10 times we’ve gone to this specific store there’s always been an issue that follows behind it. And T-mobiles Service reps have always had to fix it which they’ve always been understanding and amazing.

They told me I’m not the only one to have issues with this one location so they know this is a typical thing. Hopefully they close down that store because the people management hires there cause more problems and issues than anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tmobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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