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I just finished complaining to the FCC and BBB and now I am voicing my problems here. I live in las vegas and have poor service, poor internet speed.

poor everything! I have been given the run around over 20 times. I haven't even been offered a credit , a cupcake... NOTHING!!

Every night at midnight My service stops working for about an hour or two but this morning I couldn't make calls at all so I had to use my friends cell phone just to call and speak to a representative. As usual they were not helpful and suggested that I BUY another phone. Now please tell me why I would buy another phone If I am still making payments on this one??!!!

I am on unemployment and struggling my butt off so I am curious to know what tree i can go and pull money from SO i can buy another phone.. I included screenshot pictures with my complaint to the FCC so fingers crossed a REAL resolution will happen!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tmobile Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Blah Blah Blah.... good luck with that one!!

that's why there are terms and agreements like disclosures to protect the company...fine print "Coverage not guaranteed" who knows, might only happen when you don't pay your bill... insufficient funds? you did say you were unemployed.

other option:

Change out the sim card

perform a warranty exchange. $ 20 processing fee if you don't have insurance.

If you phone is out of warranty and you don't have insurance .....well that's just on you.

Stop complaining...get a JOB!...

Get a new phone! problem solved!

to Yours Truly #874575

You sound dumb as ***. 1st off, i have every right to voice my issues since i am a PAYING customer.

2nd off, my payments come out of my bank account automatically and i never miss a payment. 3rd , why would i pay for another phone when the one i had at that time was NEW?

4th, not only did i get a job since this post from over a YEAR AGO, I am also running a successful small business as we speak. instead of talking out of your pathetic *** on a YEAR OLD complaint perhaps you can GET A LIFE while your at it?

to Yours Truly Fenton, Michigan, United States #1207018

Voting for Trump. Aren't you?

Funny, I worked 45 years straight, few vacations. Took a year off to recharge and get cussed regularly by rught-winged idiots, who were my pals! T-mobiles rates slow and low!

No excuse for poor service!

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