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oh there I go last week on 10/9/13 we got our new phones from tmobile 4 brand new Samsung galaxy s3, after my daugthers and wife activate there phones and start using them my phone was in the box waiting for me I was busy working and still using my last week of my old phone so Saturday on my day off I finally got the chance to get my new phone (?) I put the new sim card battery and turn the phone on then I put phone in my pocket and left to my partime job I was wonder why I didn't received any phone calls then next morning I call my daugthers to check on them but no answer I was mad then I get home and i ask them why you not answer you phone and they told me daddy you dint call us so I dial them on the spot and nothing happen then i ask them to call me and nothing happen then I ask my wife to call tmobile costumer service to see what happened after transfer me from one place to another one finally a lady was helping us then they did a test on the phone hard reset and other things and nothing happened then the lady told my wife she will transfer her to a person to help us to get another phone after she transfer us to this other costumer service person this guy told us that in order to get a new phone I have to pay for the new phone and when they recived the other phone they will refund the money my wife told the guy (real rude men) how much we have to pay for the new phone he told her I have to pay 49.99 for the phone my wife told him why that much if we pay 19 dollars the first time and he said oh because when you bought the phone a was on sale and now is not longer on sale then I took the phone from my wife and I start talking with this guy and I told him why at first I have to pay again if they send a bad phone and why I have to pay more and he said if you want the phone you have to pay that money if not I will not send you the phone I told him I will not pay nothing and I need my phone to be replace he told me again very rude if you don't pay I don't send you nothing after I long discussion with him I ask him that i need to talk with his manager and he told me you can talk with the president and you still no getting the phone if you not pay the 49.99 then he put me on hold and no one else answer the phone. I think when you buy something new you expect something working if is not working they have to replaced with something that is working this costumer service don't have the idea what costumer service it is I hope some one read this complaint and do something about it thanks and thanks t-mobile for a bad experience.

Review about: Tmobile Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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