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*********************************************12/21/2017*************************************************************************** Update John, I am extremely frustrated by TMobile lack of customer service skills and processes. I have been working to resolve the fact that I never received the Iphone 7 since 11/10/2017.

I have paid for the phone and service that I have not received. I received a call from Vanessa Quintana from your team that was suppose to resolve my issue on 12/1/17. We spoke and we determined that she would send me the phone I had never received. Oh great this will finally resolve my issue...

I wanted to wait to see if you were offering the BOGO in December and I would just get the phone then. She provided me her contact information to call her if it goes back on special or I could call and she would just ship the phone. However, when I contacted her today she explains that the fraud department closed their investigation due to the line has been in usage. I never received a call for the statement and now I'm being told I have to wait another 7 to 10 days for the fraud department to reinvestigate and do nothing again because the line has been active.

What type of process does Tmobile have that No one communicate within the company as well as with the customer. I have spent more that 15 hours on this phone to try and resolve this issue. I am appalled that I have advised you from day one that I never received the phone, it has never been shut off, and because whoever intercepted the phone activated it, no me as the customer been disrespected and have paid the price financially as well as have not received good service. Tmobile has the worst customer service I have ever received in my life.

I have cancelled the service on the phone hopefully Vanessa has done this correctly since it has been requested from the very beginning. I will be sending a copy of this to everyone I know and posting on every social media to possibly save someone from your madness. I am so disappointed that my daughter will not have her Iphone for Christmas. 12/1/2017 Tmobile need a new structure from inside out, coaching with Vanessa she does not know how to resolve issues.

Sometimes you have to go above and beyond when a customer has been wronged and own mistakes made by coworkers to resolve issue for customer. PS If you read the newspaper phones are stolen by UPS/FEDX/Mailman as customer all you can do is report it and hope that the representative will do their job. I am requesting to speak to the FRAUD department and an Executive that really know how to resolve issues Thank you Melanie Oneal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Melanie O'Neal Sent: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 5:43 PM To: Subject: Still have not received my IPhone since 11-08-2017 561-260-7668 to get Tmobile acct Hi John, I purchased 2 phones online on 11-8-2017. I received a damaged box on 11-10-2017, when I checked the box, only the Samsung phone was in the box.

I immediately contacted Tmobile and advised that I did not receive the Iphone. I was advised that the IME was locked so the phone could not be activated, I would need to wait 7 to 10 business days to get a refund and I could go inside the store to purchase my Iphone. I called in several times for status, each time I was advised that I will be emailed and receive a credit to go in and purchase the phone. I spoke with someone on 12-1-17, who advised me that the phone was active on my account since 11-13-2017.

Now I have to wait 7 to 10 more days for the fraud department to contact me. I have paid my monthly premium for December already, changing to Tmobile has truly been a nightmare. I had to also pay my metro bill because I have no phone to transfer service, I am very frustrated with the level of service I have received from the representatives, who state the share my frustration, but have consistently not do their diligent research to solve this problem. If the initial person did the stop on the phone the problem would have been solved.

If anyone that I spoke to for status would have looked to see the phone was active the problem would have been resolved. The only person who is losing is ME because I am paying for service and phone never received.

Please contact me with what my options are at this point, because ME having to wait another 7 to 10 business days is unacceptable. Thank you Melanie O'Neal

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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UPDATE*******I have reached out for legal counsel to resolve the issue

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