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After seeing some compliants about tmobile I'd like to add that I have been a customer for 4 yrs. Customer service has been great.

The service is a great buy. Don't freak over the small stuff. Just wish they had more phone to choose but I guess that is a trade off for less expensive service.To the guy who expected HIS contract to be taken over by his daughter, Never hurts to also verify info from ANY source. I have often asked for a supervisor after speaking with customer care...because I am so SATISFIED!

Keep it up tmobile !

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I agree! I have been with TMobile since 2002 and have NEVER EVER had a problem with them.

Customer service has ALWAYS been great with any issue whether billing or a problem with my phone. Their Blackberry customer service is awesome and very helpful the first time I started using Blackberry. I have bought so many phones through TMobile - Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, SideKick. Some I didn't like and returned.

They processed my return quickly and cheerfully, never questioning my reason to return other than asking why. They would then process my new order which if you are upgrading in the middle of your contract and bought a phone online but then returned it, you need to call if you want to get a discount on another online phone.

They have great incentives for long time customers... I got MyFaves added to my account for free!

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