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Problem concerning,Patrick Hansen

About a years time from now, after getting to my duty station I went into the mall in watertown ny,to purchase a cell phone,I ended up getting one from t-mobile,well some time had passed and my phone was wearing out.So i went back to get a new phone and the mamager instead, said he could get me 2 lines for cheaper with my military discount.He explained what the whole plan consisted of; it included 800 min for both phones and unlimited text messaging also had the my 5 faves that was what he told me.So I said ok he printed out the peperwork as i tryed to understand what all the abbreveations ment he just reassured me that it was the plan we just talked about, and explained it again reminding me that he was gonna take care of my military discount right away, so I went ahead and signed for the new contract.Starting issue I noticed: is I called the customer care line after my first bill to check on why it might be so high? They said my military discount never went through so i called the store back and even went down there on multiple occations trying to get my discount fixed.Finally they gave me all the information and I went and did it myself.After a few months of no military discount.Because of work and the hassle of trying to get that fixed i missed my payment and didn't remember until about mid month that following month.So I call to make a payment and my bill was $1,050 so I talked to them, no results. My phones then were suspended.Now I cant call to fix without finding someone with a phone I can use.So I am stuck with a outrageous bill, barely a way of contacting there customer support, and finally I call them and they say well knock off the late fees, so that reduced it down to around $850 about a couple weeks pass, with more than 12 phone call and only for them to say "o mr hansen i see you dont have unlimited texting on your line...I will go ahead and add that for you." I said, ok?This is the first time I found out that my text messaging wasn't on my phone so I told them it was supposed to already be on my plan according to what was explained to me when I changed my contract to 2 phone lines by the store manager, (Sandy Oney)

So after about another 4 or 5 calls the customer support tells me the only thing I can do is go talk directly to the manager who sold me my phone and told me I had unlimited text messaging.So I go to the store and speak to him directly and reminded him of the contract he told me about and had me sign, he agreed that he remembered, the 2 phones, with unlimited text messaging, 800 minutes, and my 5 faves, so I said there is a mix up I have an outragious bill because the text messaging some how didn't transfer to my other phone, and I need it fixed. He apologized and said he would get it fixed right away.After weeks of reminding him talking to him and other people who worked there,I had talked to another man who worked during the day, he said, this kinda problem has happened before and he also told me it should be fixed by the end of the day.Now I am very upset its been months now and my phone is still not working so my friend comes with me to be there while I talk to them again.Sandy put his phone on speaker phone and made a call to what he told me was his manager me both me and my friend has heard him say multiple times that it was his fualt and that he was gonna fix it times before and on the phone.Again no results and still no timeline when my bill was gonna be taken care of.So I asked him for a pen and paper and his name and his managers name then gave them a timeline when they could call me back the next day to let me know what is going on with my account to prove they are trying,And who i was going to for help if they couldnt do there job,I provided them with my friends phone number and left the store.Later that night I called the customer care line,the lady I talked to was nice ,and more helpful then anyone before because I mentioned the fact that i was going to talk to the BBB and have already talked to JAG ,military justice.She became very nice and even called the store for me while i was still on the line, supposedly sandy, the manager, was on the other line and could not get on the phone so she gave them a list of what they need to fax over for this to be taken care of tonight or the following day.She said I would get a call around 10am on my roommates phone that I provided her the number with, never received a call, so about 2 hours later i called them back come to find out that the manager sandy is denying the fact that i was supposed to get unlimited texting and that it was not in my contract.July,08,2008 todays date.

Please help me!

Sincerly,Patrick Hansen

contact info-

my roomate phone:315-775-3177

my e-mail:

Product or Service Mentioned: Tmobile Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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