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To Whom it May Concern, I am having the worst time with the company! I have been a customer for many years and feel as if your company representatives are pushing/ encouraging me to take my business elsewhere.

I have been having problems with customer service, management, misleading and incorrect information and advertisement. The PROBLEM originated Friday May 26, 2017. I called to inquire about adding a line to my account. The representative that I spoke with offered me information about a promotion that was available at that time, a bogo sale for phones he told me that the I phone 7 plus was included in the promotion.

The representative also said he felt that I could not afford to purchase the phones because I needed to make a down payment for both. (APPALLING)!! He doesn’t know what I have in my bank account! ……..

I wanted to look at the merchandise in the store so I did not get the offer with him at that time. I REGRET IT! I HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH A LOT OF NONSENSE WITH MY ACCOUNT SINCE THEN. An hour after that conversation I started getting text messages about my account being update.

I called customer service back ended up talking to Jen Supervisor& Lane equal representation (gave reference # 241794). The reps said I could not have that promotion because it had expired a few days (almost a week) prior and that the merchandise/ equipment the rep. said I could have was never part of the promotion. Then I was transferred to another department that disconnected the call and never called back.

It was late for me so I waited to call back the next day. This back and forth / continuously calling is still continuing. HORRIBLE!!! I have talked to several supervisor, managers, and floor managers (some reps don’t know the difference between them; which shows a lot about the company).

I talked to Supervisor James then Manager Joshua Saturday 5/27/17 was provided with ref# 23025 (was later told the company does not have reference numbers). Why does this organization not have any organization with in the customer services area. There are so many different locations/ call centers and they all say different things. I have requested numerous times to have the call records pull for someone to listen to them.

When you call the company the automated system says calls are recorded. Unfortunately for some reason my calls can never be pulled? I then talked to the reprehensive Chi 5/28/17 at 4:53pm She was rude, unhelpful, and was refusing to send me to a manager. On 5/30/17 I talked to Linda in Loyalty then Manager Jazz, 5/30/17 I talked to Quality floor manager John; he defiantly does not deserve his title, some general customer service reps have better service then he does!

John transferred me to Customer Care after refusing to transfer my call several times. I then talked to Carlo the floor supervisor; he was wonderful! I then spoke with his manager Patrick who is also a asset to your company. They said they were going to try for me; advised me to wait 7 days.

I then had to call back 6/2/17 talked to the Retention manager Jamshea after talking to a rude supervisor who was unhelpful Janita. At the end nothing was resolved. The only offer I was given was a $30 discount off my bill for all the frustration. That’s not even enough money for a phone case.

I can’t believe a company like T-mobile believes that is great customer service. The story continues I ended up in the store because I was told by the Retention manager Jamshea I could get the bogo sale on the I phones now, that I cold get the I phone seven plus 256gb for $749.99 (another lie I was told). I was told that since I requested and have been requesting the phone that t-mobile would allow me to purchase the I phone 7 plus for the same price at the I phone 7 and do to the promotion of by the phone with 256gb for the same price as the 128gb that would be allow/acceptable/ authorized. I really need a new phone so I was advised by the rep in the store 6/10/17 that I can place the order the call customer service to ask about the adjustment.

When I was in the store the second transaction did not go though do to by fraud alert. I called my cards institution was told that if I gave permission the purchased would be cleared/ validated/ accepted. The rep in the store called someone to verify as well. Yet today I receive an email saying my order has been cancelled.

What is going on with you company!?!? I have been waiting all week for my new phone. Why would your company wait so long? I called my card holder they stated the transaction was never ran a second time.

I was told by Amy today that it was? T-mobile has a history of telling lies to me so I think it’s yet another lie that the employees are telling me. I have been with my card holder over 10 years they have never lie to me about anything before. If the company is unwilling to assist me with the continuous problems I have having.

I will stop payment on the purchase/ down payment for the se, return the item to the store and take my business else ware!

Please contact me at your earliest convince. Extremely Dissatisfied Customer

Review about: Tmobile Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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