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Moved to new location. No service phones don't work (2g network) Hotspot only works on 3g or higher.

Customer service lied repeatedly tech support finally said nothing could be done about service quality. I have 1 month left on hotspot contract and 6 months left on 2 phone lines contract. I asked customer service about waiving the early termination fees. They told me that I had to mail or fax a detailed explanation of what was going on and what I was requesting.

They said that they needed a hardcopy for their records and that they would respond back in 10 working days. After the 10 working days I called them because they never contacted me. When I spoke to the customer service rep. they said that they couldn't do anything because it wasn't their department.

When I asked if I could have a phone number for the customer relations department she said that all I could do was fax, mail or email the request in to customer relations and I would hear back from them within 10 working days. Wow a cellphone company that doesn't have a phone number. I told her that I had already done that and that was why I was calling today. She said to email this time.

I told her that the last rep. that I talked to told me I had to mail or fax because they required a hardcopy. She said email was faster and that after I sent an email I would hear back within 10 working days. Well I have already waited.

If I do it all over again that will be 20 working days total. Wow that is another month hmm. The last customer service rep. that I talked to said that customer relations would only waive the fees once they were owed.

She said that I would have to cancel the lines and be charged the 600.00 in fees then I could request that they would waive the fees. That means I would bee charged the fees and then have to ask for the fees to be waived, that they would probably deny. I said that I would like to know if the fees would be waived before I cancelled the service. Horrible service Bad People.

They just keep giving you the run around. I am being charged for services that I am not receiving (Paying for Nothing). Also Tmobile says they have 4g service here. Even when my phone says 4g my friends phones Sprint and AT&T who only have 3g service where I live download 3 or 4 times faster.

My hotspot service has the 5gb plan and then Tmobile says no overages and no limit that it just slows down. That is why they say unlimited. After the 5gb is used up the service takes 30 to 45 mins. to load a webpage (No video just text and pictures) or it doesn't load at all.

That is not slow that is not service at all. So once again lies. Tmobile is no good. Go with Verizon better service and not that much more expensive considering what you get.

T mobile now offers plans with no contract but a customer that they have had for 4 years can't get out of their contract.

They don't even require new customers to have a contract to get the same services but a current loyal customer is treated very poorly for problems that are Tmobiles fault not mine.

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United States Air Force Academy, Colorado, United States #1197158

I also could not get service in Junction Colorado just now from Tmobile unlimited plan phone I wanted to tether while on a trip to Vegas

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