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Don't ever go to T-mobile in Lawrence Kansas.we started a new phone plan with them and on our initial hook-up we should have had a clue to how incompetent they are because as we was sitting there talking to the employee they literally kept trying to raise the original quote they gave to us when we first got there,and after we questioned as to why the amount due kept changing they had to get a supervisor to figure it out and determined that they was wrong(imagine that) ,and then after an hour of being there we finally left with our phones.From day 1 we had dropped calls,missed text,we would get a notice that we had a voice mail and when checked there would be nothing there.We was spending more time cussing at the phone than actually using it,so we called customer service after 3 days of this only to be told"its a little late for buyers remorse" ,we calmly informed her we wasn't having buyers remorse,we only wanted to be able to use the phone service we paid for,so we was then told to return to the original store on 23rd.street and they would issue us loaner phones while our phones was being repaired and that would be covered under our insurance,so we go to the store and talk to the employee and told him we was suppose to pick up two loaner phones and have our phones sent in to be repaired,the employee then told us it would be 50.00 per line for a loaner phone.We had a few heated words with him and told him there was no way we was going to pay 100.00 for loaner phones after just putting out all that money on the original phones.We left the store very upset and went straight to Sprint and told them what was happening and decided to leave T-mobile and switch to Sprint,while at Sprint the employee asked us if we would like to keep our old numbers we said yes that would be nice since we just got them,so he tried to switch our numbers to their service and was unable he asked us where did we get the numbers from we told him from T-mobile on he said hmm,thats strange we said why is that he said because both of your numbers are long distant numbers and so they are unable to switch them over to Sprint.(Go figure ,no wonder we had so many dropped calls) the numbers T-mobile gave us was for Northwest Kansas and we live in Northeast Kansas.So after finding this out and getting our new phone service with Sprint we called T-mobile to inform them that we wanted the phones shut off and that we found out our numbers was not local numbers,they offered us a discount package deal if we would stay,when we told her of the experience we had with T-mobile trying to charge us 50.00 per line for a loaner phone we was then informed by T-Mobile that there is no 50.00 charge,which means the T-mobile employee was trying to rip us off .AVOID T-MOBILE ANYWHERE IN LAWRENCE,KANSAS.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Lawrence, Kansas, United States #1063683

I had a very similar experience with t mobile.I was given a number completely different from the one I had always had. When I went to the store on 23 rd street after I had called customer service and complained about giving me a wrong number they tried to charge me for their mi stake by giving me a different number I never asked for.

Very bad customer service. Avoid at all costs!!!

Lawrence, Kansas, United States #822179

I agree. My last experience with the store on 23rd Street was so poor that I will never use them again. Incompetent and arrogant.


Changing your area code from one location to another (from Northwest to Northeast) takes one minute.


Loaner phones are a $50.00 deposit per phone. Which you get back when the phones are returned.

Your 'buyer's remorse' period to return the phones and shut the service off without penalty is 14 days (30 in California). All of this is in the paper work you receive from the store and on the site under terms and conditions. It is the customer's responsibility to read their paper work. Also, in that paper work it explains that there is 'no gaurantee' of service.

All dealers in stores on are commission they only care about commissions - they lie. All reps on the phone are salary. Unless a line is suspended or the account is suspended or cancelled your line should of been ported to Sprint with no problem.

If your lines are active and the account in good standing you can port the numbers. You will be hit with early termination fees though.

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