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I have T-Mobile phone service, have been with them pre pay for years and recently signed a contract. Ever since I began the contract I have had nothing but problems.

There have been multiple unauthorized charges to my account and when I try to view my billing/account info online their site or that info is mysteriously down or unavailable. My monthly bill is $57.98 a month plus tax, instead they try to charge me an extra $144.78 a month for the last 3 months now its been this way.. everytime I try to figure out how it got this way, they have some unexplained charges as to how its so high and there is nothing I can do to expunge these charges because the billing has been closed for that month!! wtf?

They also advertise 4g network in my area, i was trying to go to school online so I had to deal with what they had.. I tried several times to have them come out and evaluate my area because I hardly get 3 bars of 2g... sounds like false advertisement to me... However they have no technical support in my area so they refuse to have it evaluated as it would cost them too much.

When asked what the requirements were to terminate my service wo fee they said they would not because their computer says I have 3 to 5 bars of 2g service. I inquired as to how they came up with this information they said its all computer automated.... seriously? Yet I get to be the one now stuck with a $346 dollar phone bill plus a two hundred dollar shut off fee all because a pregnant single mother who was trying to go to school out of her own pocket needed internet service and all they did was try to find loop holes for a few extra bucks...

How on earth are they able to get away with this?

Any advise? Help please

Review about: Tmobile Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $546.

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