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I was told if I switched to T-Mobile I would receive the following: 1. The Senior calling plan with unlimited calls, texts, and data for $50 (including taxes) with an auto payment enrollment.

2. $300 rebate on the purchase of the iPhone X Under those conditions I agreed to switch. I took my new iPhone X to the Apple store to purchase Apple Care and to set up my new phone. They told me I already had AppleCare provided by T-Mobile.

I went to T-Mobile to find out what was going on and this is what I discovered had been added to my account without my knowledge or consent: 1. Apple Care had been added to my T-Mobile account at the cost of $15/month for as long as I had my phone 2. A hot spot charge of $10/month had been added 3. The $300 rebate was available ONLY with giving T-Mobile my old iPhone 6s As far as I'm concerned this is totally dishonest and unethical.

I want the $300 I was promised before buying the iPhone X. I want to keep my iPhone 6s since no exchange was ever mentioned.

I want my bill to be $50/month with no additional add-ons. I have paid for my iPhone X in full

Review about: Tmobile Deal.

Reason of review: Was lied to.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I can surely sympathize with you.

I was told my cell phone bill with two phones (iPhone 6s and lg stylo 3), unlimited, would be $130 per month.

It was $130 the first bill.

Evey bill after that has been $170! Lots of lies, hemming and hawing when i tried to call in to get this resolved.

It has never been resolved...

They also have THE RUDEST, *** csrs in the Tmobile stores working there. Tried to pay my bill last night. Csr on the phone said the store i was going to would be open till 10.I got there at 8:57. The csrs in the store watched me put my hat on in the car, walk to the door, and when I put my hand on the door they laughed, turned off the lights and all walked to the back or away from the door...

Went to try to pay it today only to have to wait on the store sir about 20, 25 minutes to pay the bill again today!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG IN THE STORE JUST TI PAY YOUR BILL???!! WHY DO RHEY CHARGE $8 TO YOU NEXT BILL IF YOU CALL IN YO PAY IT OVER THE PHONE???!!?!?

WHY DO THEY LIE TO YOU TO GET YOUR BUSINESS???!?!?!??? I thought Sprint was THE WORST, but I now know Tmobile is THE ABSOLUTE WORST.

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