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One of the biggest companies who are currently jackin innocent people's homes is DEUTSCHE BANK! They own T mobile and they are the in the mainstream of this mortgage crisis!! DON'T PROMOTE T MOBILE! STOP USING THAT SERVICE PLEASE! THEY ARE BASED IN GERMANY AND THEY ARE ALSO TAKING OUR HOMES!!

Check the link for more info!

The more we pay these bastards our money, the more they take over everything else we work hard for!

Start checking these companies out before using their services!

The less you know the more they get away with ripping us off!

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Yes, Deutsche Telekom owns T-Mobile. So what?

What is your issue? T-Mobile is not taking anyone's homes, this is a ridiculous claim and you know it.

They have good customer service and a large selection of phones to choose from. Get over yourself.

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