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On or about June 1st, I was looking to switch phone service from Verizon. I called T-Mobile and talked with a sales representative.

I let her know what I was looking for and what I had. I asked specifically twice about bringing my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from Verizon to T-Mobile. I just bought this phone for over $700 and it is in perfect condition. She stated there would be no issues and the phone would work fine on T-Mobile.

I also bought a new Samsung Galaxy S7 from T-Mobile for my wife. We went with two lines on the One Plan and added One-Plus to my phone. I was told it would take a couple of hours to port my number over to T-Mobile. After a day went by, I called and then they told me it could take up to 24 hours.

I called the next day then they said it could a a few days to port over. I called again three days later and then they informed me they could not log onto Verizon with the pass word. I gave it to them again and they finally got my phone ported over. It took three days.

One of the first issues was Voicemail. I was told I had to dial 123 to access VM instead of just pressing a button like Verizon. Next issue was MMS messages, I cannot reply or send MMS messages. I talked with the technical team at least 6 times.

I reconfigured the phone multiple times per the instructions. It was escalated at least 3 times. I was told to expect a call back on 3 different occasion and never received a call or follow up. I was informed that some functions would not work as this was a Verizon phone!

I told them I was assured there would be no issues when switched. They told me to buy a T-Mobile phone. More on this later On T-Mobile, the system does not recognize my device. I was told this could take up to two billing cycles to resolve.

With this issue, I cannot get any system updates. When I was traveling, the phone would not connect to data so I had to reboot. This happens all the time. I was told this was due to this being a Verizon Phone.

Again, I told them I was told a Verizon phone would not be an issue. They stated that they should not have told me that and the internals are not compatible. They suggested I buy a T-Mobile phone. Every time I phone a contact, it adds a 1 prefix to the existing number.

I have to edit every contact and remove the 1 prefix I already have. I called again about this and they stated this was due to this being a Verizon Phone. They suggested I buy a T-Mobile phone, again I told them I was told this was not an issue and I could use by Verizon phone. Back to the MMS issue, this has been going on for over a month.

They told me they did everything they could and cannot resolve this issue. Again, telling me to buy a T-Mobile phone. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they would call me within a couple of hours. I never received a call back.

I called them and finally spoke to a supervisor and they said they cannot fix this and I should not have been told that the Verizon phone would be OK. They told me to buy a T-Mobile phone. I said NO because I was told this phone would work and stated this was sales fraud, he agreed and told me to buy a T-Mobile phone. I asked to speak to his supervisor or someone that could help, he told me expect a call back.

I never got one. I call the corporate number and was routed to a call center in Kansas. The girl acknowledged they have had issues with the Verizon Samsung S7 Edge phones and they I should buy one. They offered me a used Samsung S7 for $284.

At this point I was about ready to break down. They stated they would give a trade-in for my current phone for $170. Again, I told them that T-Mobile lied to me about my phone working perfectly and they should make this right by sending me a comparable phone. They had admitted on multiple occasions they should not have told me this during the sales call and I would have to buy a new phone.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told he was out to lunch and I should get a call back within a few hours.

I never received a call back. At this point I am left with a few options: -Switch all lines back to Verizon oNo, I would have to get a new phone for my wife -Switch my line back to Verizon oThe cost of a single plan on two networks is very expensive -Buy a T-Mobile Phone oNO I would be losing a lot of money for an inferior phone plus all the cases I already have for the 7 Edge -File a complaint to the BBB, FCC -Sue T-Mobile in Small Claims Court -Get a law firm involved in a class-action lawsuit as I am positive I am not the only one that has been deceived by T-Mobile

Review about: Tmobile Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Hello, obviously the sales staff made a mistake. Unfortunately the customer ends up paying for it, one way or another.

have you looked into using your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on Verizon's Prepaid Service? Their cost and features are very competitive and you'd have the comfort of knowing everything will work since it is a Verizon smartphone on Verizon's network. You'll also be also to get updates for software patches or if Samsung and Verizon releases new Android Operating System upgrades for your S7 Edge. There are also Prepaid MVNOs(cellular providers that lease Verizon's network/towers) you can take your S7 Edge to also.

Whatever you do, I wish you good well. Marcus.


I was lied to by Tmobile, too. Told me the bill would be one price.

It was. For ONLY The first month. Has been $40 more per month ever since. All these cell phone companies do I lie out the rear to get your business.

Once they have you as a customer, they treat you like straight scrap. And you won't be the best minimum out of them.

I hate them all.

I would definitely be I interested in a class action suit.


buy a t-mobile phone.

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