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Ordered the service with the new iPhones 6 and 6+ in 9/14 and 11/14 because of the competitive prices AND the coverage maps.

Now, as the boating season starts in the mid of march 15, we discovered that we don't have service at all when we leave the interstate 10....despite the service maps are all shaded in dark pink, what means LTE...even in ca. 1 mile sight of a tower only a millisecond of G2, than again no service.

That same thing last weekend in a direction more southeast.

We never had problems there with ATT and the old iPhones. We not even had problems in 1999 with the good old Nokia phone.

When it comes to the customer service it changed over the wintertime from extremly friendly at service start to now absolutly rude, they deny all the issues, they asked me why I did not discovered earlier the "blind spots" in the coverage, they denied the compatibility from t-mobile with the Safari browser, I spended 3 hours on the phone with superviser after supervisor, the higher in the hirarchie the ruder the ton goes.

What should I now do with my 2 year contract at t-mobile and my super phones ??

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I called and spoke to a supervisor. You can demand a refund with a Visa gift card and tell them to look at the coverage map online that you used.

Tell them to look at their internal map of their towers to see that there is no coverage where you are talking about. They lied on the coverage map with me also. They admitted only 2g service in East Texas finally after speaking to 6 different people. Their map shows 4g LTE all over the place but it is a lie.

They said they would be updating the map but that was a lie too. Your phones may be unlocked so you can use them on another carrier or you can request an unlock code from them.

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