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T-Mobile, 12-28-2012

November 27, 2012 I paid our bill and made an arrangement to have T-Mobile automatically debit my account starting today December 28, 2012. Instead they terminated service and charged me $308.04 to reinstate our service! I was tired of arguing with their nitwit telephone reps. I paid it to maintain our two numbers and my credit rating. Not our first negative T-Mobile experience. We are now switching and taking our telephone numbers to Metro PCS.

One of the T-Mobile Reps claimed they could not pull up my account and read it. In the same breath he tells me that my last payment was on November 27, 2012. If he could not view my account to see if what I said wa true about having setup an auto debit via their telephone rep on 11-27-2012 then how could he see this information. I did ask that question which he ignored.

After receiving a left handed run around two times this morning by two different T-Mobile telephone representatives. I gave up and waiting until I was off of work and used their robot system and paid the extorted amount of $308.04. As mentioned we are now transferring our service from T-Mobile to Metro PCS.

Monetary Loss: $308.

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metro pcs is being bought by tmobile in a couple of months

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