i had a contract with T-Mobile. i signed the contract in Dec.

2011. i never had a good signal in my home, but since i had a contract, i kept the service and coped as best i could. two months before the contract was to end. i called T-Mobile to find out if i had to do anything special to end my contract when it was to expire.

i was told that since i had bad signal reception in my area , i could have canceled my contract at anytime. so i got a new phone and service through another company and informed T-Mobile of the change. I received my final bill from T-Mobile today and there was a one-time charge of $50.00 on the bill. i called T-Mobile and i was told it was a fee for canceling my contract early.

i explained what i had been told earlier by T-Mobile. i explained that no fee was mentioned in the previous conversation, i was told that if i would write a letter to T-Mobile it was possible the charge would be removed from my bill. It seems T-Mobile is not a customer friendly company and i feel i have been ripped off for the entire length of my contract because i now know that my address could have been entered into the computer at the T-Mobile store and they would have known their signal was very weak in my location. i want to let people who might not know.

before you sign at contract with anyone insure that the company has a good signal for your location. i would also suggest that you consider any company other than T-Mobile.

Review about: Tmobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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