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T-Mobile, has being pushing me around since September to replace my phone Samsung Note 7 for the New I-Phone 7 plus 256. They had take three orders and none of them has gone thru. Their Customer service is not qualify to work with the system. Las order I place was in store, tired to deal with the phone person and while speaking to them about my order, they cancelled my order without my authorization and put me and the end of the line again... Read more

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I switched to TMobile one in September was quoted $35 for first 2 lines I have 5 lines was then told $20 for remainder of lines I called 3 times to make sure of amounts and terms after speaking with husband and was assured each time by each cs rep that was the correct information until...received bill they since changed their plan and I am billed for much lager amount than quoted..nothing what I was told! So called today got rep she tries to... Read more

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I called T-Mobile on Saturday evening asking for help as to why my Wi-Fi feature all of a sudden stopped working altogether. I had to call 3 times and go through the process each time to no help and through the guided assistance of T-Mobile lost all of my contact and business information. I went through all of their trouble shooting several times and then was told the only other option was to have the phone factory re-set. I followed the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 14
  • #936783

Treated horrible by a t-mobile employee at a t-mobile store. There is a need for them to train employees to be more professional and patient!!

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terrible company they took 866.01 out of my account on monday october 10 th everyday i speak to a supervisor they say it will be in there in my account its now thursday they say saturday i cant pay my rent i have no money it took them 20 min to take it but saying 8 days to refund it and the other people dont know their job why tell me everyday it will be in there when its not..they couldnt fax a letter to my bank they couldnt call my bank they... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 13
  • #935869

Terrible customer service. No one knows what they are talking about half the time. Neither do they know how to place a simple order. I have to call them at least twice a week every week to make sure someone competent places my order. Waste of time and money!

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Being a 16 year loyal customer, Tmobile does not care if they loose their loyal customers. I called to get an Iphone 7 plus promotion where you get it for $120 and as long as you stay with them for 2 years, there is no additional charge besides $120 in September 2016 and a rep told me i can either order phone now or go to any location to do that. I preferred to go on site but had to go on a business trip so when i came back, i called them again... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 10
  • #934472

T mobile customer services sucks. They don't help you anything. They only keep saying they cannot do anything for their fault. Customer has to paid for their fault. They don't help you and they just want to hang off the phone and they do hang off the phone when you try to complains more. T mobile sucks. Will never have T mobile ever.

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We switched to TMobile on Oct 3. We needed three lines. The instore salesman told us "You can get a fourth line free! Either a phone or a tablet." Well, the bill came and it turns out that the 4th line is NOT free if it is a tablet. I spent nearly an hour on the phone trying to talk to someone in the Philipines about the bill. Pointless! Then I spent another 45 minutes chatting with someone who was more helpful but I still have to take... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 07
  • #932930

I called the customer service and they said that rather than wait on hold they will call me back! They call me back and put me on hold again saying that there is no operator available!!!! WTF you even bothe call me back if you not available to speak with me!!!!!

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