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  • From mobile
  • Nov 30
  • #964007

DISGUSTED see photo for explanation

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“T Mobile sent me a box to improve reception within my house with a charge of $40.00. The equipment sent by the company never worked, and I decided to ended services with the company after many years with them due to many other frauds with phones which never gave the resolution and capability they sold. In retaliation they sent me a bill of $105.10 for a box which never worked from the beginning and was lost at home. I tried several times to... Read more

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PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE T MOBILE!!! I had been with tmobile for over 10 years where for the last 4 years ive been stuck with my galaxy 3 because they no longer do upgrades. Ive been told that i qualify for a free phone but financing a phone for 24 months is not free. About two years ago a t mobile employee who was also a student who i recognized from the high school i used to sub at took a cash payment and text the reciept to me. BIG MISTAKE!!! Two... Read more

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I called today to take advange of tmobiles new ONE plan with unlimited everything for $120 with two free lines. I was told that since Im already a customer with 4 lines, I would actually have to pay for my two extra lines. While a new customer could come in and get the deal for 4 lines for $120. This preferrential treatment to new customers rather than pleasing existing customers really leaves a sour spot in my stomach. Even though I have... Read more

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Summary: T-Mobile gave my phone number that I was using to somebody without my authorization and they are not giving me my old number now. Thank you for providing this platform to voice the unfair experience that I went through with T-Mobile. My name is Daniel. I currently live in Chicago. For the past three years I have been using a cellphone number. It was a prepaid plan that I used with Simple Mobile (a provider) for two years and then... Read more

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I moved to T-mobile because they had great promotions on buy2 lines and get 2 free. One of the lines that I was going to use was for family in NY. The rep told me I could pay for all SIM cards here and they could swap it out in NY. When my friend went there they said they could not swap it, the SIM had to be shipped. Why would I pay for shipping and not just have my friend buy it there originally? Anyways they said I could just go to my store... Read more

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It was a busy day at the store, no problem. My turn came up so FINALLY a register was open to be able to help me. Already was there AN HOUR! We just get started getting my info entered and another employee jumps in, "CAN I JUST RING THIS UP FAST"? HALF HOUR LATER, I was like "what's up"? "Oh sir it wont be much longer"! The girl that was (so called) helping me "Jolly" WHO WAS ANYTHING BUT, could care less. Se was like, "OH WELL, HAVE A NICE... Read more

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Bait and Switch Tmobil wrote me saying that I can add two lines and get two phones for free. OVer and over I was told no charge. until the end when they said I had to give a credit charge for charges they could not tell me what they were. When I said I wanted to talk to a supervisor they came back and said that the supervisor said that they didn't want to talk and that I can cancel the entire transaction and just pay full price at a store. Bad... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 18
  • #957317

We order a tablet and it still hasnt arrived and now they are sayin its over and we will not get it

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 16
  • #956411

Im still trying to figure out whyvitvtake the soooooo long to assist customers! This is ridiculous. Staying in line for 30 minutes just to pay a bill is aggravating. Store at 1830 Fm 1960 Houston Tx ... 3 staff member and two helping one customers while others wait. As soon as possible, I WILL BE LEAVING THIS COMPANY AFTER THIS YEAR!

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