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I switched from Sprint to T Mobile about 5 months ago as part of their promotion to issue rebate cards for breaking my Sprint contract. I followed their instructions to the T. I had 3 eligible charges, one for $60, one for $140, and one for $300. After waiting 8 weeks I received a rebate card for $60 without any explanation why I didn't receive the other $440. I resubmitted my Sprint bill, and 8 weeks later received a rebate card for $300... Read more

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I have been a T-Mobile customer for 8 years and 2 months and I am now switching. My bill for 3 cell phone lines has "Crept" upward to $295 per month from their quoted $160 "base" price. All the extra charges, hidden fees and ... "Promotions" which they add to your phone service WITHOUT your permission as a free trial. If you don't call and cancel -- then they start billing you for them. No refund - Customer Trap. I called repeatedly to get them... Read more

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I have been a customer of tmoble for 16 years. And i have never been any trouble. I have always paid my bills on time. I have been a very loyal customer, i damaged my phone and also have insurance on my phone. Insurence meansvyour phone is damaged then you can get a replacement. Well when i was being told about this isurence they neglected to tell me that there would be a deductible of 177.00. Tome thats not insurance. And then i have to wait... Read more

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  • Jan 09
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Its about your commercial, it's totally disscusting, made my skin crawl!! The "NO FEES " one!!! Bad advertising idea!! BAD!! So gross! What is wrong with you people?? Seriously, did you think the pretext of bugs would sell your product?? So nasty!

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I started using T-Mobile in 2015 and had nothing but problems. Dropped calls, no internet access, no service of any kind at all, and so on. EVERY DAY there was some kind of problem. I couldn't call and ask for help every day, because I am disabled, had several surgeries that year, and some days, I just was not able to follow up. Finally, on February 2, 2016, I just couldn't do it any more. I am 63 years old, disabled, and absolutely had to have... Read more

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The pay what you see is not true!!!!! Don't fall for it. Especially in Ocala FL where there is limited coverage. There's additional charges for insurance and line charges they don't tell you about. My out the door per month was supposed to be $135 for 4 lines, but it is $245 with all the extra charges they don't tell you about!!!! Don't fall for it! Plus my coverage was bad and I had calls drop all the time. Plus, customer service sucks. I had... Read more

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This company must be the worst I've dealt with. They will promise you the world in credits. One thing they don't tell you is that you'll have to wait for 4-5 months maybe longer to see any credits and will most likely be charged other charges on top. I've been calling every 2 weeks to get an issue resolved and have not been able to get a clear answer. Calling in, be prepared to wait 1hr plus to someone that may be able to help you and be patient... Read more

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T-Mobile renighed in December 2016 on their data plan unlimited streaming on select music streaming sites using apps. We'll all of all of a sudden in December 2016 my data use was being used up rapidly using iHeartRadio radio streaming with iHeartRadio app. Before December my data use was minimal and even used iHeartRadio radio more previous to December. So I called T-Mobile & one rep told me my plan didn't include free radio streaming & then... Read more

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I saw a commercial for a special on smartphones with T-Mobile. Having been a Verizon customer for almost 30 years, it was took alot to switch service providers, but T-Mobile offered a great deal on the IPhone7 & the Samsung Galaxy 7. My understanding was if my husband and I purchased these two phones and if we decided we did not want the phones after 30 days, we could return them for a full refund. We were told by two sales people at T-Mobile... Read more

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Now have 3 useless unlocked phones that all were locked by T mobile with band 12 removed by OTA updates. I begged for a cellspot or something for horrible no data speed over 2g, missed, and dropped calls. Lies and had charges for changes to plan I did not agree to and was straight lied to about. Had total unlimited data at 99/month for years. Bought a unlocked Samsung then T-Mobile OTA removed signal totally after paying 699.99 for a S3 from... Read more

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