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We had to use warranty for an iPhone 6. They sent us another phone as unwrapping st counter it had sticky stuff all over the screen , I asked what it was and they said just from the screen cover not to worry they put the phones through 23 point inspection. Well they package up my old phone and proceed to connect the "new" phone I noticed the worker flip phone over and hit a button I ask what happened and why was the screen flickering! I was... Read more

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Roughly 4 or 5 years ago I had T-Mobile and all of a sudden I couldn't get a signal in my home. I went to the local T-Mobile store and was told that T-Mobile had lost their rights to AT&T's towers. When I asked what my alternatives were I was informed that they planned to put up towers near me in "3 or 4 months" when I asked what I was supposed to do for cellular service til then, the guy shrugged his shoulders and basically told me to deal with... Read more

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T Mobile has got progressively worse the longer we have been with them. My phone was lost we have 4 on a plan with them, Reported the Samsung s6 edeg missing, they turned the HTC m9 off as the missing phone. Then told them that the M9 wasn't missing the edge was. They assured us the phone would be back on in 2 hrs, at the time of writing this five hours later it's still not on. While in the shop I payed off the m9 and asked if it could be... Read more

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I live in Florence, Oregon and have an unlimited data plan with T-Mobile, the problem is than I can only receive/send data at 5 am, the rest of the day you cannot connect. For two months I could not connect at all. The service has gotten worse over the years even though T-Mobile assure me they are upgrading their equipment. Any complaints result in a tech trying to modify my phone rather than admit their service is next to worthless for data. Read more

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I wish to use my Apple tablet on another cell company. I purchased a new Apple tablet 2 months ago, I presently use Sprint on a family plan. I bought the tablet unused from a discounted company with T Mobile software and Sim as the carrier. Initally I requested T Mobile to unlock the tablet so I can use whomever I wanted. After trying several people in the carrier, all them telling we they could not unlock the system because the table has not... Read more

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The 09/15/16 I went to the store at The Mall at Millennia to pay the phone as I had been informed in another store and there met me Luis, who asked me the phone number and I would pay indicates that the amount to pay are 458.00 plus taxes, I answer him in the other store I had said that it would be to pay 403.92 showing him the written information, he answers me no, without even investigating and an imperative tone tells me that is the amount... Read more

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I went to tmobile store inside foothills mall worst service ever skinny girl with elbow tattoo seemed to be high worst worst customer service ever stay away fom that store better service at tmobile by starbucks & Baskin Robins they know how to treat a client

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I was told that I could go in store on launch day and get the deal by turning in my iPhone. I was told it would b easier and I could pay taxes right there and exchange phone. I was told that if the store was out I could always contact T-Mobile and order from customer service. I was guarantee the I asked more than once. Rep said that my account was notated and deal was locked in. Anyone who pulled my account would see this and give me my deal.... Read more

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Horrible customer experience. Went to store to take advantage of their promo to upgrade the iPhone 6 to iPhone 7. Instead, I got taken advantage of. The plan was so confusing to understand (the salesman even admitted that). Was told to come back on Friday (the day of the release) because it would be less confusing when you traded in the phone at the store. When I got there, there were no phones (they had 5 phones which were sold before the store... Read more

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I am very disappointed the customer service in the store at 8498 S Sam Houston Pkwy E Suite 900, Houston, TX 77075. I come to the store at 11h30AM (Friday, 08/16/16) to looking for help about my bill and I ask to talk with the manager because the lady in that store can not solve my issue. But the manager, that is the Spanish guy (sorry I have to say, I do not meant that), he says to the lady that he doesn't have any responsibility to do that... Read more

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